Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swine Flu or any Flu for that matter


Vitamin D3 at doses of 2000-3000IU per day both as a prophylaxis and as a treatment

I will give you a cast iron guarantee of this.

But only at that dose. Nothing less. It will also work in Tuberculosis at a higher dose and possibly cure the common cold

High Cholesterol?

Vitamin B3 Niacin Modified release tablets. 1-2 grams at night.

IN the BNF and eminently prescribable by your doctor

DO NOT take a Statin

Also take Co enzyme Q 10 100mg-300mg and 1000mg Vitamin C twice daily and you will never have heart disease from fatty deposits.

Ignore me at your peril.

Most people on a western English diet are deficient in B and C vitamins.

Don't die of ignorance.


  1. No Cod liver oil is best and not too much either.

  2. Many thanks Henry. I'm off in the morning to get a supply.

  3. Henry,I'm often critical of you but, I have to say, that you're at your most interesting when you speak of what you know well. I'm still not sure that it's responsible to caution against vaccination per se, but I do agree that this flu vaccine has been rushed and will probably be of little benefit (except maybe as a placebo). As for taking vitamin supplements, I'm all in favour but poorer folk can't afford them.

  4. Yes, this is absolutely true! Whatever you do, stay away from the hospital in the event of a pandemic, they will be turned into morgues.