Sunday, August 23, 2009

Autism and Mercury Poisoning

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I've had to dig and dig this up but I finally found it

A table comparing Mercury poisoning symptoms and Autistic Spectrum disorders

If you expose your child to thimerosal containing vaccines there is a big chance that they will exhibit signs of mercury poisoning and be diagnosed with ADHD or autism.

Mercury is not good for nerves.

We are being poisoned and the new flu vaccine has thimerosal in it.

They want to vaccinate almost everyone.

It can also give you motor neurone disease.

Do not take the flu vaccine

I now understand why I had such bad diarrhoea following my vaccination in October I had it for 12 weeks. I had to go abroad and had vaccinations, and I felt like death for five months.

I feel sad that we are being poisoned by the very people who are supposed to be looking after us.

As for babies

Exposure to Mercury during the First Six Months via Human Milk and Vaccines: Modifying Risk Factors.

American Journal of Perinatology. 24(7):387-400, July 2007.
Dorea, Jose G. Ph.D. 1

Breastfeeding is the best natural protection infants have against morbidity and mortality, and the development of safe and effective vaccines has made it possible to immunize children against infectious disease. Both of these mechanisms for ensuring good health in children may be compromised by contact with mercury (Hg). Maternal exposure to environmental Hg during pregnancy can predispose nursing children to neurodevelopmental disorders. Despite the World Health Organization assurance that thimerosal-preserved vaccines are safe to use in infants, the United States, the European Union, and dozens of other countries have eliminated thimerosal as a vaccine preservative and stopped the immunization of children with such vaccines. Because of the increase in environmental pollution and the need to produce cheap and safe vaccines, there is a need to address the uncertainty of vaccine-ethylmercury risk of toxicity and Hg exposure during breastfeeding.

Need I say more.


  1. It would be interesting to see figures on autism since these poison laden vaccines began and compare them to countries that have long since banned the chemical.

  2. Rates are twice as high in vaccinated kids as in unvaccinated

    But there is mercury everywhere Even in our low energy bulbs

  3. So, best to keep off the mercury, you think?

  4. My daughter just told me, she´s being put under pressure by health visitors for these bloody vaccines. I´m fuming, they keep inviting themselves over to her house and bogging around. Can she tell them to sod off???

  5. I've always refused the flu vaccine - any of them. I'm not about to have this one either.