Saturday, May 8, 2010

You've been Had

I know that many of you are hung up if you'll pardon the pun about the election.

Don't bother  Its actually not important  The LibLabConDems got returned to power and all the independents were squeezed out.  ALL of them

That it itself is more worrying than a hung parliament.

Successive governments have refused to cut the foreign aid budget even though we are in rapid deficit or in meltdown with the economy

Why should this be?

I suggest you sleep on it  ( it is also the amount of money raised from income tax every year)  There's a salutary lesson on that one.

The last time this happened Heath got blasted out of power because he was about to give the game away.
The same with Gordonomics

Another interesting fact is that the USA is permanently against the axis of evil

What have these access of evil governments or in the case of Somalia ( no government) actually done?

They have invested in nuclear power for their electricity generation

This makes them a threat for some reason?  Hello  Yes they may get some warheads out of it but so what?  No one would ever use them because they know that the possibility of using them is out of the question but what nuclear power does do is bring cheap electricity to homes and people.

"With nuclear energy generating electricity in cheap and abundant supplies, Third
World countries would gradually become independent of U.S. foreign aid and begin to
assert their sovereignty. Nuclear generated electricity is THE key to bringing Third
World countries out of their backward state"

Do you see how that threatens America?  Obama is hailed as the leader of the free world

There's nothing free about it. Everywhere in the so called free world there are regulations, tariffs, bureacracy and hurdles to pass.

I don't call that free  I call that torture.

We have a situation where the international observers were horrified at our electoral process but yet we bang on about how a democracy should be run.

People were queuing to vote and were turned away

That is a much bigger headline than a hung parliament  It smacks of the election being orchestrated to create one.

Problem reaction solution

Thats what most of you are being preached to right now

OH NO  theres a HUNG parliament what the hell are we going to do about it?

The easiest solution would be to re run the election in one weeks time,  And to keep the polling booths open until all the people who wanted to could vote

They won't do that.

This has been carefully orchestrated through the Fake Debates on tv, brain washing and the polls.

and by lessening the amount of polling booths and officers to count votes.

Its a scam and its been done to you with your eyes wide open.

You've been had,

You dont believe me?

All politicians are liars are they not?

So why do you believe them year on year out with no tangible actual real return?

Ask your self that one  And sleep on it and then wake up and smell the coffee

In fact fast for 24 hours just taking bottled water and think about it  Flush all the toxins out of your system and think

You'll be furious when you realise how badly and how easily the wool has been slipped so sweetly over your eyes.

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