Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The LibLabCon

A picture is worth a thousand words H/t to Lawson
Sorry Lynne  Featherstone but its true isn't it? Karen Jennings you know it to be true

As for Richard  Merrin this little article caught my eye earlier  so sorry Richard....
 If you are in the public eye it means being above reproach of that kind of story. What people do in private is their business and never let that be forgotten; but when you have money involved then it becomes rather difficult.

You the public of Hornsey and Wood Green have a choice this election.  You can have a future full of fear fairly shared out to you or you can have a positive future with an Independent who cares about your hopes and wishes.

Vote KAPUR on Thursday 6th May for a brighter, fearless future for all sectors of society.

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