Monday, May 3, 2010

The Ballot Paper in Hornsey and Wood Green ( Blank)

It is blank to comply with electoral rules .

I have had the pleasure of being able to vote for someone who I have to trust on a daily basis. Its finally in my fortieth year that I can vote for myself.

From this ballot paper and also from Haringey council's official list the following facts are clear

Richard Merrin does not live in the constituency and his address bears witness to the fact that he was a selection candidate for the Kentish Town council once upon a time in the past.

His brother does live in the constituency as he is one of his 10 assentors on the nomination form

Of the other candidates
Stephane has demurred by not declaring on the ballot paper where he lives.
Lynne lives in the part of Highgate I would love to be able to live in ( if money grew on trees) and a short walk to the heath
Karen lives in Cranley Gardens ( which has somewhat of a chequered history with Dennis Nilsen ) she lives ten doors down from that place and is very handy for Highgate wood and the parkland walk
Peter lives in the terraces behind Alexandra Palace station and thats handy for Alexandra Park

I myself live at the eastern edge of the constituency in a maisonette, handy for Russell Park

Choose wisely. Choose the person who you think will deliver for you as you govern the country not the parties, your cross transfers power from you to your elected representative.  Someone described it as somewhat exciting this morning on twitter  I replied saying transfers of power always are.

Its like jumpstarting a car.

Do you want Yellow, Red, Green or Blue policies or do you want policies that come from you the 78000 electors in Hornsey and Wood Green? You get to decide on Thursday.  Remember you might not get that chance again for five years.

Apologies to those I couldn't get round to with a leaflet ( its a big constituency)

Vote Kapur on Thursday and I promise to deliver what ever the majority in Hornsey and Wood Green want.

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