Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Like Lambs to Slaughter

An avid reader suggested that I put up what the budget cuts would be under the three main parties ( remember if I'm elected I would try and get these reversed because we wouldn't have to fund the EU that wonderful burning hole in Britain's pockets and therefore would have our own money to spend)

Here is the link to the Money.co.uk report . It makes for serious reading.  Apologies to those who thought I might be at the hustings at Noel Park tonight. Unfortunately my geographical position at this time precludes that and so my apologies are in order ( it is one of two hustings I was invited to) I don't believe in gatecrashing the others though apparently my name was on one of the others but no one had invited me according to my next door neighbour who was there.

You'll see that the mansion tax comes into force, that means some Highgate dwellers in our constituency will have to stump up £2000 or more depending  I'm talking about Sheldon avenue, Denewood Road areas

Thats what you get for a LibDem victory in Wood Green because the more people vote Libdem the more likely the mansion tax is going to hit you. Clegg may even become Prime Minister in which case the mansion tax will be rolled out.

Fancy having to pay extra because your house is worth £2million and above  Which in this part of London is very easy  Even the new places on Cranley Gardens are being sold at 1.6million which is horribly out of the reach of most people.

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  1. Do you realise that before you stood for parliament, I left a comment on your blog often. It is obvious that you did not perceive me as intellectually important as you never responded. Therefore I will not vote for you.

    Sorry, Dear Possible Chum, but you are representative of all parties. Until an election - you are indifferent to me and then I am suddenly important and you request a donation.