Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If Tomorrow Comes

Ive been accused of not appreciating someone, who left comments on this blog somewhat regularly.  Thing is , we've all had instances of people ignoring us or us thinking we have been ignored but the person involved has no idea of what we were smarting about or when we were ignored.

Thing is in the 21st century we all have very busy lives, sometimes things aren't always picked up or noticed because we screen out things and prioritise events and we can't react to everyone or everything with the same notice that we give to our priorities, we would burn out with the amount of information we had to process.

For example:
Anonymous Nikks said...
Do you realise that before you stood for parliament, I left a comment on your blog often. It is obvious that you did not perceive me as intellectually important as you never responded. Therefore I will not vote for you.Sorry, Dear Possible Chum, but you are representative of all parties. Until an election - you are indifferent to me and then I am suddenly important and you request a donation.
5 May 2010 02:24:00 GMT+01:00
 and heres my response

Thats your prerogative and your choice. I may not have responded because there was no more to say whenever you commented before, sometimes there isn't. I tend not to get involved with comments all the time, and since you haven't a link for me to look at then I can't see who you are. If you'd googled me before and said hello then maybe I would remember you but at the moment I have lot going on in my life so not everything revolves around the blog.

Besides which I never put a donate button on before because I was in a party, not an independent, and therefore some of the costs would have been borne out by party expenditure hopefully.

When you're on your own its different so I acquiesced and put one on. No matter. One vote in wood green is only 0.52 really which is better than most safe seats but we'll see what happens on Friday morning.

Your choice at the end of the day.

Disclaimer to any one else I dont always respond to comments. I'll only do it if there is something more to be said. I don't particularly like to waffle in the comments section.

So anyone who leaves a comment  I may not reply but you can email me and you will eventually get a response but I'm as human as the next guy  If I haven't managed to get back to you within a week  there's nothing wrong with you sending another one to remind me.

As for the title  one of my favourite miniseries by Sidney Sheldon.

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  1. Yes I'm sort of UKIP lite without the nonsense :P