Saturday, May 8, 2010

Problem Reaction Solution

People were turned away from the polling booths.

They had queued to vote.

The whole thing smacks of vote rigging and a purposeful ploy to create a hung parliament because the problem reaction solution is

The Lisbon treaty needs to be re ratified.

That's the problem

If Cameron had got in, He would have had to give a referendum before re-ratifying it or face the prospect of the Conservatives staying out a whole generation from power.

Reaction is to rig the election to give the stupid voter the appearance of a hung parliament

( this is also why Brown is giving Cleggy the flying nokia treatment)  The Lib-Lab pact was determined in advance ( we are going to have Gordon for another year) Once the Lisbon treaty has been re ratified Gordon will get knighted and become one of the order of the Garter.


To create a situation that is controllable

The power has been divided and so the forces that rule this country can get on and do the bits they need to whilst there is a bloody interregnum

The IMF is already hard at work under the careful stewardship of Herbert Morrison's grandson

The Prince of Darkness himself

Peter Mandelson.

I humbly present my statement and hope that you will accept it.

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