Monday, December 29, 2008

Burning our money

This first appeared as a guest blog on NHS Exposed

It seems Lancashire care trust can't do anything right, Just literally months after trying to refer me to the GMC for failing mental health for reporting against a narcissistic sociopath known as Dr Hissy Fit, the clinical lead of North Lancashire which includes Blackpool and who would have been instrumental in authorising the expenditure of the latest fall from grace at Lancashire as this report from the Blackpool gazette shows

The trust at Lancashire is facing a recruitment problem as far as psychiatrists are concerned especially in the new Specialty doctor posts, for which they are handing over £80 pounds per hour to locum agencies for the privilege of having their posts filled.

Hardly surprising with a sociopath as their clinical lead.

Three of the trust's Early Intervention Service staff - one from Blackpool - attended the 6th International Conference on Early Psychosis in Melbourne.

As well as getting the chance to rub shoulders with fellow mental health professionals the Lancashire trio were invited to enjoy a full social programme including food and fine wines from around the world and even trips around Melbourne on a Harley Davidson.

Lancashire Care Trust bosses have defended the trip, stating it was a useful fact-finding exercise.

But Michael Jack, MP for Fylde, today said: "I can't believe the trust needed to send anybody to Australia to improve their medical practices.

"The amount spent seems disproportionate to the potential gain, and their explanation very sparse. Have they not heard of video link?

"This is another suggestion NHS organisations need more rigorous regulation of expenditure and this should be investigated."

Lancashire Care Trust's Early Intervention Service, established in 2002, is currently treating around 65 people in Blackpool – more in the wider North Lancashire area – and sees around 26 new patients each year.

A spokesman for the Trust said: "Lancashire Care funded three members of the early intervention service to attend this conference.

"Staff flew out on economy flights and stayed in standard rooms in the Holiday Inn. The total cost for each member of staff which includes flights, visas, accommodation, meals, travel to and from the airport and attending the conference was £2,885 each.

One does wonder because I remember as junior doctor being allocated only £500 for study leave. Seems some people are more equal than others.

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