Monday, December 29, 2008

A Nightmare on Hallam Street No 44

Like the nightmare on Elm street this is one nightmare that refuses to go away easily and has several sequels. The latest instalment was instigated when I was away on holiday in India and the GMC knew that I would be flying back on 26th November. Sneaky of them to progress a referral when the defendant is on holiday and not performing clinical work nor employed by an agency, at that time.

The Interim orders panel paperwork was delivered at 16.38 on Thursday the 27th of November, inviting me to attend on the 5th of December at 10.30am in order to suspend me like Adam Osbourne for 18 months

I now had a week, without parents in the country, to organise a QC independent reports from a psychiatrist and an occupational health report, to be placed before the GMC on the Friday morning

At first I panicked and hid under my duvet, I was apoplectic with rage, and disappointment but armed with lots of chocolate and the help of Ward 87, I made my plan

I went to the CAB and whilst I was there I went through everyone in my phonebook on my mobile, this may be the reason I have a big phone bill this month.

Someone out there loves me or God exists, I was able to pull in favours from people I hadn't talked to in months, and who still respect me. It seems I have a veritable fan club. I even spoke to Outer Temple chambers and made sure Gordon Bebb was free on Friday 5th December and informed them that my lawyer would be in contact with them

I said nothing to the GMC, unlike my brother who squealed at them, not realising that he was talking to established sociopaths. I tore off a strip at him.

I ended up in Leeds on Tuesday, and having secured the services of Gordon Bebb, and an occupational health report by that time, prepared to get an independent psychiatrist report the next day in Peterborough . Cue lots of driving and lots of chocolate to get me through that

On the way back from Peterborough I dropped in to my old place of work Kneesworth House Hospital, and got another two testimonials from there,

Thursday I took things a little bit more easier and psyched myself up for the Panel hearing the next morning picked my parents up from Heathrow, and drove them back to my place,

Battle day

I waltzed into the GMC headquarters the towers of glass and concrete that now live on 350 Euston Road along with Antony Gormley's reflection sculpture.

They did not know who my Outer temple chambers counsel was They had to come ask me at 9am who the counsel was as I had been warned not to reveal my hand early

They stuttered when I said Gordon Bebb QC

I was able to pinch my way out of this nightmare but with certain losses

They were not able to suspend me I had beaten them but they put restrictions on my medical practice, namely that I must work in an NHS post, I could not locum and therefore earn money quickly, But it was a result and I hope to beat them next year when they have a five day witchtrial lined up for me

But why does the reader think I have been put through this modern day test of witchcraft?

For writing an email or two complaining about the bullying of Dr Leon Le Roux on the 10th September

For that the GMC have called my mental health disturbed and have put me through the mill.

Yet they clearly state in paragraph 46 of GOOD medical practice that bullying is not compatible with good practice

They are bullying me for complaining about it

Double standards are at work.

It seems that they have been doing this for years See link

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