Monday, December 8, 2008

A tribute to Kevin and Georgiana

Georgiana provided chocolates, and Kevin moral support at the GMC hearing on Friday and this is them dancing and having fun

I would like them to be famous for it

So here you go some world exposure for you.

Youre Great.
Better than strictly come dancing anyday

In another development I see that someone has been labelled ,A cherry short of a schwarzwalderkirschtorte I would like to give this last accolade to the people sitting across from me on a rather flimsy desk with their back to the Euston road.

Its a compliment...


  1. Were that my floor she would not be wearing those boots. That notwithstanding, Henry, what on earth have you done to upset the GMC? You seem like a decent sort of bloke. Incidentally, I'd still be happy to meet for a drink if you're in this area again.