Sunday, December 7, 2008

Get thee behind me Satan

Henry has significantly made progress, as the GMC were not able to suspend him on Friday and therefore he did not once again become an ex doctor.

He took four days to get a QC, an independent occupational health report and an independent psychiatrist report, and a host of character references together and drove over 700 miles in the process having landed at Heathrow at 6pm on Wednesday 26th November and having the Interim Orders Panel of the GMC throw a bundle of papers his way at 16.38 on Thursday 27th November

He took Friday off and was in shock

The hearing was scheduled for Friday 5th December 2008 I am Dr India.

I got the recommendation of the GMC barrister who was recommending suspension overturned

Believe me that is no mean feat where the GMC are concerned.

One has to see the red face of Andrew Colman and his ineptitude at getting the wrong door on the way out to see that he was shaken.

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