Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Times has no knowledge of Red flowers

In today's Saturday Times there is a piece about Luc O'Donnell arriving at his father's funeral with a red rose. Well forgive me for saying this but it looks awfully like a carnation to me.

Have the journalists no eyesight or did the editor not see this one?

Edit: January 6th I seem to have upset a few people over on the Times site
Someone got there before me but I'll say my piece anyway - what a moronic contribution Henry makes. Whether he's joking on simply an flora-obsessive I don't know why he bothered making such a ridiculously trivial comment. With that out the way, I think it's an awful, awful story and feel huge sadness and empathy for his family. It was great that so many people turned out to celebrate his life.

Sophie, Manchester,

Moronic comment from Henry in the corner... I really don't know why he found it necessary to say anything. Either he was joking or he's a flora-fanatic. Or an idiot. Regardless of his ridiculous trivialising, I find the story terribly sad and feel huge empathy for O'Donnell's family.

Sophie, Manchester,

Henry North of London - 4 young children have tragically lost a loving father - what does it matter if the name of the flower is incorrect?

Angela, Merseyside,

Sure enough the story is sad and tragic I dont deny it but to have such a resounding mistake on a broadsheet paper is well; bad journalism


  1. I'm thinking the journalist/editor saw what they wanted to see/what the 'ignorant' reading public would best understand and substituted the rose. At least they didn't Photoshop it into the photo!

  2. Yup. That's a carnation. And shoddy journalism.

  3. A bit 'late in the day' Henry (my visit, i mean) but I agree - standards are slipping nationwide and if you can't trust the Times to get it right - who can you trust?! Sloppiness rules seems to be the New UK motto ..