Friday, January 25, 2008


It has been several days since my last confession... well that's what it feels like. Blame the catholic guilt complex and the protestant work ethic on my preparatory school, the same one that Jeremy Clarkson went to, until he left for Repton.

I havent been able to post, firstly due to a faulty BT and internet connection pair at the exchange but by the time that was fixed I was out of the habit ( geddit?) (Nun and habit)

I saw the SOCPA youtube offering by Tim Ireland so posted that quickly up but apart from that haven't really been able to get the writing juices flowing except for musing prose such as this
" The moon was setting over the futuristic glass and concrete office buildings on the outskirts of Hemel Hempstead, it was a scene reminiscent of many a sci fi drama on tv, most notably Blake's Seven. Over on the motorway the heavy machinery laboriously groaned into life constructing the new junction 8 of the new four lane M1."

Those were my thoughts as I rushed to an appointment in the North on Tuesday morning an appointment which got cancelled and postponed.

I blame it on the full moon personally.

Politics and witty comment will return soon I hope but my life is throwing more and more grist for me to mill so it may be infrequent.

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