Monday, January 28, 2008

Nomination for the Worst Blog namely that of Ara Darzi

Ara Darzi has a blog where he writes about his work as the under secretary for health.

I wonder where he gets the time to do so because the blog is basically his meetings agenda and what he is going to espouse at those meetings.

All comments are sanitized by some DoH! person which I hasten to add is not done out of hours.

A legal disclaimer is also put up plus wording to the effect that the blog comments will be deleted if they dont fit what the NHS and the DOH want you to know or slag off the blog in anyway

I personally doubt that Lord Darzi actually writes a single jot of this website. After all we all know what the collective noun for professor is and that is absence ie an Absence of Professors much like a parliament of owls...

I would be willing to wager that the Lord has a petty vassal who writes the stuff shoves it in front of Ara gets the go ahead and then posts it up on his behalf

How can I say this? I am a psychiatrist with over ten years of training under my belt and I am authorised to do part 2 and part 3 work for both the courts and the police in the preparation of court reports and the suchlike by the secretary of state for health through his nominated deputies.

It also varies from I to the royal We in the text. Someone is writing it on his behalf I cannot think that he could actually author it himself unless I had eye witness accounts that he had actually written proof read and posted it up to the internet himself.

For one thing he could not possibly write so much and keep all his clinical commitments and his governmental commitments unless he works 23 hours a day.

Having worked with a Professor of Surgery namely Cuschieri I would say that that was a fallacy, they are usually involved heavily with research and have no time as they are here there and everywhere, everyone wants a piece of them and writing the amount of text that he does requires a certain amount of time.

So I would exhort you to vote that his blog be the worst of all time and I have been exhorted to write about this on my blog by another blogger which is kind of nice as it means that I get a little boost as to what to write about having fallen off the wagon earlier in the month so thank you GM

Lord Darzi's blog here

Voting here

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