Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Police to have stop and search powers increased

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is planning to give police the power to stop and search people without giving a reason, sources have told the BBC.

Another fencepost, I would caution you if you have the money and the wherewithal to leave for Norway, Argentina, Brazil, or one of the old Dominion Countries where the Queen is the Monarch still

Switzerland if you really have the money and if you must stay within the eurozone for personal or professional reasons then choose Austria, Portugal, Finland or Sweden if you can take the taxation rate there.

If you are going more northerly than the UK ie Scandinavia then purchase the best lightbox and start taking your Omega 3 fish oil see my post Alpha and Omega

Fascism is being brought in, the last time people could be stopped and searched for absolutely no reason was in the Second world war mostly in Nazi Germany and the occupied areas of France, the Benelux countries Norway and Poland

Believe me this is the beginning of the end

By 2012 you will find it impossible to breath without the government sticking their nose in to your affairs if you continue to disabuse your vote and apathetically stay at home because you feel that you make no difference.

Make no mistake, the one day the people actually have the power is Polling day and it scares those politicians whose constituency have not been listened to because it may be the end of their free gravy train at Westminster though these days they get such fabulous severance benefits any time at Westminster is good for those pigs who like to take the more equal share of the trough I speak of course of those MPs such as Derek Conway we all know who he is and what the Sidcup MP has done.

Roger you have another fencepost to put up in your series. I hate to be the bearer of bad news

On another front all the local GPs in South Yorkshire were summoned to the PCT headquarters this afternoon and would have been given reprimands if they had not attended to hear that the government is varying their contract unilaterally and illegally to force them to work more hours for no more pay

Sounds pretty fascist to me Dont say I didnt warn you.

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