Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Blogiversary

It is exactly one year since I started blogging. It also happens to be the 60th death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

As I look back over the year it has been a strange year but one in which I have made new friends in the blogosphere, and generally improved my chances of having a life outside of Medicine with the blog, Facebook and most recently Second Life.

There is no substitute for meeting real people but with the advent of Skype I can talk to my far flung friends in Australia for nothing and spend as much time talking as I like.

I have also made a dear friend of a blogger in Belgium and she knows who she is

All in all alls well that ends well but theres still some way to go yet.

Life throws up new challenges and crises and we have to deal with them and it is ok to make a retreat and then come back and deal with things later.

I have had the gift of time and no pressure to go back to work which has been a tremendous help and I thank all the people over the last year who have made my journey a better one.

As for the blogging I shall be back to daily posts from tomorrow

It has been good to have your readership and long may it continue


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  1. That's a good post to read! I agree it is OK to retreat and come back later - or maybe more than OK, maybe it's very wise - Good luck Henry and Happy Blogversary, hope your wishes all come true!!