Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Trainees in Australia Soon

MTAS, and now Sian Lloyd in yesterday's Sunday Times pontificating about how competition is good for the NHS.

What utter bollocks 9000 jobs and 23000 people competing for them? I can guess that at least half will emigrate, causing a fabulous waste of money again.

I haven't heard that line since Virginia Bottomley was in power. You remember her don't you She was the one who brought in the purchaser provider split. What a farce that was.

New Zealand however took it to heart and made primary care private such that people there have to pay $40 NZ to see their GP.

Unsurprising then that common conditions are not being diagnosed early as people don't go to their GP because it costs and poor people even less so when welfare there is only 130$ a week.

Not something they tell the emigrés from here. Something they find out when they go and register.

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  1. Henry

    I would happily pay fifteen to twenty quid to see a GP if it meant that I should be treated as even a moderately intelligent being rather than an uncomprehending simpleton by an arrogant and condescending clown who may just have scraped a lower class of degree than I have and has almost certainly not obtained the doctorate he would otherwise require to entitle him to be addressed as doctor. (Ironically, although I abandoned my post-graduate studies, a few of my friends do have doctorates and they never use the title, except when necessary professionally.)

    The GP service in this country is bloody awful, and anything that knocks 'practitioners' down to size is welcome. The disciplines of the market are long overdue in the health service.