Monday, September 17, 2007

We are all German now

Blog anzeigen, Im einem neuem fenster?

Blogger has been having a little joke perhaps with us all recently

All the instructions are in German

This is the case with all Google blogs which is funny really.

I understand quite a bit of German but for other people it can be a little foreign

For example:Tastaturk├╝rzel: dr├╝cken Sie Strg zusammen mit


  1. Yeah, but its only been happening since Friday - shouldn't they fix the problem instead?

  2. So it wasn't just be then? I just thought it was weird, I met a bunch of Americans on the weekend, who are based in Germany, and I'm posting about them and German writing came up! Thought I'd given my blog info out in a drunken moment and they changed my profile! lol