Monday, September 3, 2007

Light Pollution

London 4th February 2003

No wonder I can never see the stars at night

Best place to go stargazing is on a small boat in the middle of the sea

You'd be surprised at how bright the stars are at night


  1. Oo-er, I quite like architectural lighting (on beautiful architecture) and think urban conurbations have their own charms at night.

    And me an otherwise-environmentalist and all, tut tut.

    But the stars are lovely as well of course and living just outside the ringroad in my own city, I'm lucky enough to get a jolly good view of them too.

    Ironic though, all this lighting, just when the nation's supposed to be getting greener.

  2. I saw the Pleiades from the cliffs in North Cornwall in mid August - I thought the whole thing was amazing

    my children had just returned from the wilderness in Northern Ontario and were still full of the wonders of Milky Way and more common-or-garden shooting stars (if there can be such a thing), so didn't think much of the event

    someone else was blogging about The P's (watching them from a trampoline) and a commenter who lives in the American nothingness was more excited about the traompoline than the meteorites

    but I know the point was the light polution

    which personally, I find quite intolerable