Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ship of Fools

You might be wondering why I have chosen this title. I was passing by the television seeing the news reporting on the 200000 Britons who leave every year for new shores.

Fools! Do they not realise that Australian and New Zealand driving laws are more draconian and more punitive and more databased than the English system?

New Zealand always says it needs more skilled workers and it actively encourages stupid Britons to go there. Why do I say stupid?

Here is a question for those people emigrating. Why do you think there is a lack of skilled workers out there? Have you looked into why there are so many New Zealanders and Australians in London? Do you realise that New Zealand would not be able to cope if all those with a New Zealand passport or heritage came home to those islands? Do you know that there are more New Zealanders living outside New Zealand than there are in the mother country.

Do you not know the reasons why they have left? One very switched on New Zealander told me when I worked there briefly that New Zealand has two main exports.

Sheep and Children!

Plain fact of the matter is that both Australia and New Zealand are police states.

They have a small enough population for it to be very easy to database everyone and cross reference them to their cars and any other purchase. They even limit how much you can spend every day. Sorry I don't like that. Its too much nanny and mothering by the state and it really grates when you have a windfall because you have to spend a week spending it rather than one day.

I was forever being stopped in New Zealand because I had not purchased and databased myself with a computer referenced driving licence and therefore when I bought a car using my international driving licence the police could not cross reference the car with its driver on its database so I kept on being pulled over. Is that fair? NO

Now our government talks of bringing Identity cards and I hate the idea. Why? Probably because I know how it will be used. You will be tracked and cross referenced everywhere you go.

If they are not able to do that with you then they will stop you and ask you why you do not have so and so card or why you are not on the database etc.

I intend to leave also before that happens but to a place where all these concerns are not even going to happen