Thursday, September 6, 2007

Its time to tell

What happened to James and the reason this blog started 18 months since July 7/7 and the bomb blasts that killed 52 people and injured hundreds more and silently injured a lot more.

I'll say it here cos I know this isn't going to be read that often( my blogstats for visitors aren't that great after all) but James had both his legs blown off and his arms below the knees and at the elbow.
He was the man, one of the rescuers describes as trying to get up but not being able to( which I found on the BBC website by accident hidden away in somebody's account though haven't been able to find since) though the official line is that he died instantly. God alone knows what exactly happened. He was in the tube until July 9th in a pool of his festering blood and guts.

He was barely 28. He would have borne no resemblance to the curly headed, freckled young man with a few extra pounds that I knew, as his hair and features would have been burnt off by the force of the explosion.

He was very near to the explosion in fact he would have been standing less than two feet away from Jermaine Lindsay, and he got on at Kings Cross on the first carriage
at the set of double doors that Jermaine had.

Rachel would have been standing less than 12 feet away from him but as she describes on the first post of her blog it was less than standing room only it was, as I describe it often when I travel on the tube, as Sardine time.

A very promising young man, with a Politics degree no less got blown apart and the ripples have only just subsided in my head because I can type this without getting tearful and without getting sad. I have as they say come to terms with it, its taken a lot of time and a lot of medication or maybe its because I have taken a benzodiazepine this afternoon and I can do this and not scream with anger at God or life or fate or destiny and am able to describe James's final moments on the tube that day.

What prompted this post?

Rachel's account of what happened to Danny Biddle, I tripped by it by accident today and thought mmm thats the guy that was on the telly the other day.

I had had no idea what had happened in fact I was rather ignorant but it seems he was in the same position as James though he survived and James did not

Talking about an ex lover in the way that I have only serves his memory. I hope that James is watching and reading from the ether and I hope it is a fitting memorial that I alone of the many people he met can actually crystallise what happened to him and post it up for whomever reads this blog post.

This post is dedicated to the 26 people who lost their lives that July 7th 2005

May our thoughts never forget them.



  1. sorry bit of techie problem today - think comment posted twice!

  2. I'm glad you are starting to get over it a bit.