Friday, September 7, 2007

Creative Juices not flowing so

I'll post up the start of what I thought might be a novel but is going nowhere fast and let the public that do come here decide whether it should be McCanned or McStarted again

Colvin's Story ( I dreamt the name up)

Sitting at his window Colvin yawned deeply and sighed. He was bored, bored stiff having been there three months in the deep countryside with nothing to do and no inspiration had come to him about his new writing project. He had had many false starts and he was now thoroughly fed up of all his poor efforts. He could not understand why his writer’s block should be affecting him this way.

It had been a cool summer, with lots of rain and lots of time spent indoors, and it seemed that since the ardour of the summer had cooled so had his writing abilities.
He resolved that he must start a new type of writing and to experiment with characters and story plots.

Sunday had started early and he needed provisions from the local store before making his return to London later on that week, the summer let had come to an end and it was time to go back and face the rat race, the noise and smells of North London.

Summer was over and autumn was beginning and Colvin’s mind was turning to other things.

Colvin was annoyed he had spent three months here in the Lake district searching for inspiration and none had come, He had certainly enjoyed being here but it had proved a fruitless exercise and one that had not actually involved him in writing a jot and his agent would be on the phone in a few weeks asking him when his next book would be ready.

Sighing Colvin got in to his car and drove to the supermarket with a heavy heart.

Inspiration was a fickle thing, and he had had plenty for his first book, drawing on his dreams and his wild imagination which had wowed the critics and the reluctant literary agents who are loath to take on a book unless they think it can really sell and are prepared to pay for its self promotion.

However as he browsed through the supermarket aisles not thinking about anything in particular his eyes wandered over to a father with a small child, who was being rather difficult. Colvin passed them and thought nothing more of it.

However thoughts were forming in his head so that by the time he had got to the checkout a plot line had started to form.

The father was called Richard and the son Danny, they lived in London and Danny went to a special school however Danny wasn’t really progressing and Richard being a thoughtful soul was keen to understand why, but had not got a proper explanation from the teachers, nor had he had any joy when he had gone there and taken a week off work to sit and see what actually happened.

It was time for Richard to take things to the next level and to install a little spy camera in the classroom, working in the IT industry he had already installed web cams at his home and he figured it would not be too much of an invasion of the school’s privacy as he was indeed desperate to find out what really was happening there and he figured that a week or twos footage would accurately tell him exactly what the real story behind Danny’s lack of progress was and the way he used to hate going to school and leaving Richard behind and would often be red eyed and irritable when he came home though Danny had never told Richard why he was like that.

Richard was suspecting either that the teachers were not bothering to give Danny any attention or that the other kids were being beastly or worse still something else was happening but he didn’t really want to think more about that possibility.

Colvin smiled at the checkout lady, and numerous beeps later he left with bags full of provisions and a thin plotline that he hoped would start to flesh out more as he began his preparations to leave and to tackle the M6 down to London.

Needless to say its copyright so if I see it in any novels prepare for battle


  1. I'm completely lost already, was the supermarket in the Lake District or in London? Have Richard and Danny moved to the Lake District or are they on holiday?

  2. Oh God I'm thick sometimes, of course.