Saturday, July 7, 2007

Second Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of James's death.

Before finding out about his death I had thought och the bombs don't affect me, they're something that happened to central London nothing to do with me. How wrong I was.

The rest of 2005 was a journey both to connect with the other people in that tube train that morning one of whom was Rachel and the KCU group that she set up which helped greatly to assauge my feelings of guilt and shock and also to find out the details of his last journey.

Life changing stuff and a realisation that everyone is affected by terrorist bombs as people who knew me from before suddenly realised that even they had a connection to those bombings through me, the ripples do indeed get to the farthest shores.

I am indebted to a certain family liaison officer for helping me to move on in the May of last year such that the first anniversary came and went without me even realising it as I was so busy with work I didnt have time to even think about it much.

It is only now that I feel able to write about it and share it with an unsuspecting world.

Life goes on and with it we remember our memories and take comfort and move on.

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