Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Doctors' Plot

It seems from the BBC that everyone concerned with the stupidly conceived bombings were doctors or medical students.

This doesn't surprise me; reason being that there were always going to be disenfranchised doctors from MTAS and when you're bitter, you can do stupid things. Hell I should know. Demoralisation in the true meaning of the word means losing your morals as well as your morale. Morals are what keep society functioning.

Blame well that's another story but the reasons behind this effect are clear.

Causative factors are not often taken in to account. If you are going to make 10000 doctors unemployed from August consider that 10 of them( just 0.01% may be susceptible to being led astray by Al-Qaeda) ; that probably wouldn't happen if they were employed come August for they wouldn't have the time to entertain such notions.

Having said that and been prepared with my asbestos overcoat for the flaming to start I condemn the actions of these people, no matter how disenfranchised you are its not right to burn a Jeep in front of Glasgow airport.

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