Thursday, July 5, 2007

Eight Random Comments

Seems I was tagged from Rachel's blog so here goes with eight random facts about me

1) I am acquainted with both a fatality and survivors in the 7/7 bombings
2) I have met someone who worked with several people who died in 9/11
3) I have Dale Winton's autograph
4) I have seen the Queen twice close up, when I was 7 years old and 35 years old
5) I have covered J28 of the M1 to J 1 of the M18 in 17 minutes one morning by car
6) I have met Margaret Beckett MP at a wedding party and on Question Time
7) I narrowly missed sitting next to Gordon Brown on a Bmidland flight from Edinburgh to London in December 1994 Had I taken the seat number 1 next to him maybe things would be different....
8) I knew the 9th Earl of Brooke and Warwick and his two irish wolfhounds from 1997-2001

Im not going to tag anyone as that would be unfair...


  1. Now I know how secretly well-connected you are!

  2. Im not anymore... Still fame is a fickle thing as they say... I remember getting recognised for weeks after me being on Question Time in 1997 and asking a question to the panel.