Monday, July 2, 2007

On a more serious note

One of the people arrested over the weekend is a Junior Doctor.

This is a worrying development a) his name should not have been released to the BBC media packhounds here and b) what ever happened to a man from such and such place is helping police with their enquiries.

Even if he is innocent his life is now ruined beyond compare as his name has been circulated on a news website read by millions.

Why can the government not realise that by disaffecting their doctors they are doing themselves a disservice.

Disaffected junior doctors from a British Muslim background are going to be ripe for the plucking for the Al Qaeda recruiters. No job , no prospects and a mortgage and all sorts of other bills to pay and highly intelligent and bitter. A lethal combination.

Yes I am blaming government policy. Everything the government do has a knock on effect on everything else

You can't make 10000 junior doctors unemployed with out a ripple like effect affecting the widest possible shores and why someone in the government hasn't understood this is beyond stupidity it falls into the moronic.

It seems the lunatics really are running the asylum.

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