Sunday, July 22, 2007

Floods, weather warnings

The parched even scorched earth pictures of last years summer are now well forgotten by those suffering the flood this year.

God did say he wouldnt flood the wicked but it seems its a wicked world out there and lots of people have been affected and have even died in the floods.

More people have died from flooding than from terrorism this year in Britain and yet there is no war on Flooding oh no None whatsoever and I do believe that the Thames water hosepipe ban has still not been taken off in some places... crazy or what!!

Food prices are shooting through the roof and are running at 6% well above inflation and is the government doing anything No they are burying their heads in crap and promising more flood barriers by 2010 well thats a great lot of help to the pensioners who are finding their weekly shopping bill rising by the week and bread prices becoming worse by the week.

It used to be that the only place you could buy a loaf of bread over a £1 was the Channel Islands, not so now I guess it must cost about £2 for a loaf in Jersey now.

Edit There is a fabulous article here which I urge everyone to read and I thank Ranting Stan for finding it

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