Monday, July 9, 2007

I am thinking of running away

Leaving Britain, yes Im a wannabe expat.

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  1. Ex-pats often turn out to be the type who in former days were deported!

    Are you sure you have nothing left to offer England, Henry?

    I know it's not great, but if we all pulled together we could make it a tad or two better.

    The ex-pats in southern Spain just drink all day and bore each other stupid with property value talk. They also keep busy lying to their friends and family back home about how wonderful life is there. I imagine ex-pats elsewhere do much the same.

    Perhaps it would help to take up another cause or two to take your mind off your problems. Displacement therapy comes in many forms, and with (usually) only good side-effects.

    You will know all too well that it can take a while to find the right anti-depresant with the fewest side effects, and a while after that for it to actually start working!

    Don't lose heart though. You must have been spared for a reason! Doubtless you will find what that reason is if you can win the battle to begin emerging out of your own tunnel.