Monday, September 14, 2009

Your GP will be paid to inject you with the Swine flu vaccine

Ministers have agreed to pay doctors £5.25 per jab after weeks of talks.

Under the programme put forward, people with health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, pregnant women, those with weakened immune systems and frontline health and social care workers will be the first to receive the jab.


Your GP is being financially induced to give "pregnant women" the jab

I have only one thing to say Thalidomide.

This vaccine has not been tested properly Who knows what could happen.

You pays your money you takes your choice. I for one will not be having this vaccination I would rather take my chances and bolster up my immune system with Vitamin D3


  1. This is a very worrying development and needs to be emphasized more widely. Trouble is there is a plethora of issues at the moment.

  2. Aren't doctors already paid to be doctors? Gordon has now upped my JSA a few quid if I agree to be registered as in training rather than unemployed and I apply for 2 jobs a day I am not qualified to do whilst receiving no training. Labour have truly gone bonkers.

  3. I've told my wife, (who is 7 months pregnant), not to take the jab! I think I've scared her enough so that she listens.

  4. I will be giving it, and having it myself.