Saturday, September 19, 2009

Daniel Hannan's Message To The People of Ireland

Hat tip to the TVOTR

Ireland went through bloody struggles to gain independence, Why would you give it up to the EU less than a hundred years after you have achieved it?

This is what would happen if you voted Yes to the Lisbon Treaty. You would lose your independence. Ireland would lose its independence if you voted Yes to the Lisbon Treaty.

I can't imagine any Irishman wanting to voluntarily give up Irish sovereignty if so much blood has been shed in actually achieving it in the first place.

I travelled on Ryanscare last week and I saw that Michael O'Leary is urging everyone to vote Yes to Lisbon.

What a traitor to the Irish? How the hell can he say that when he is an Irishman from Eire which has gone through bloody revolution to have independence from the Brits and then turns round like a sheep and goes back to being a non independent country.

You fools!

Wake up! Say No to Lisbon. Do you really hate being independent so much?

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  1. completely agree but look at the campaign with Generation Yes and T shirts on pretty girls and so on. It's going to be line ball.