Saturday, September 26, 2009

Swine Flu and the Mental Health Act

The government plans to rush through measures allowing people with suspected mental health issues to be quickly detained because of fears over staff shortages in any forthcoming swine flu outbreak, it has been revealed.

The temporary changes to the Mental Health Act, as laid out in an unusually short consultation lasting just one month, would mean it would only take one doctor, rather than two, to have a person sectioned and put on medication without their consent.

The measures could have a serious effect on the thousands of patients with psychiatric issues who currently live outside state care, meaning many could be detained against their will on the word of just one health professional.

Its starting Don't say you weren't warned. It leaves the door open to detain people who show paranoia about the swine flu vaccination and insist upon not having it.

I had hoped this would never occur but it seems it is going to.

People will be locked up and detained and given the vaccine being forcibly held down


  1. It's looking grim. I wonder why the opposition parties are so quiet on this issue.

  2. The Politics of fear being exploited to full effect: the New World Political Order and Freidmaninte acolytes everywhere are robbing us of everything. Hattip "Shock Doctrine" - I'm not paranoid just astonished at how prescient Naomi Klein was.

  3. That's a good link to Management in Practice Henry - thanks for sharing it. There are far too many unanswered questions here. As Fausty asks: where were the Opposition parties when this was rushed through? Why was it a consultation rather than being debated in Parliament? How long is 'temporary' - is there a sunset clause? Why is the NHS suffering a 'staff shortage' when we pump billions a year into it and the govt tells us everything is ok? The govt can't have it all ways.

  4. I agree with your last comment having been under one myself for a small three week period He was the embodiment of your last sentence.