Monday, September 21, 2009

The Cancer Research Cancer Profits Scam.

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The whole thing is a scam. All the cancer charities know that there is a cure.

Thats why they take your money and don't tell you.

If you don't believe me then this is a cautionary tale.

Ignaz Semmelwiess died in a lunatic asylum for trying to show that microbes existed and that hand washing prevented puerperal fever.

We all know that that is the case but they thought he was stark staring bonkers.

Open your mind.


  1. Anyone would think that all the money that is thrown into the research for a cure would have turned up something - anything - by now.

  2. I really would love to know where you got that evidence from, that CRUK spend only 11p in a £1 on research, did you know that they spent over £300,000,000 on research last year, and that only 3% of donations go on things such as wages. Also, have you not seen how much they have succeeded in helping to find a cure to beat cancer. If you KNOW there is a cure for cancer, why are you being selfish and not letting everyone else know this?

  3. CRUK accounts for the last period, see page 25.
    I took a screen grab for you here.
    Guess you owe Anon a donkey.

    You want a cure? Google Vitamin B Laetrile.
    Take enough of that shit and you won't have a chance to get cancer, 'cause you'll die from cyanide poisoning. Enzymes in the stomach will turn this chemical into a toxic cyanide derivative, meaning consumption should be limited as much as possible.

    I might also point out that it is no longer considered to have any nutritional value.

    Many, if not all, cancers are viral. Check out HPV. That is a prime example.
    Utter nonsense. Cancer is your own cells going 'wrong' and then multiplying; some viruses can provoke the condition, but to say that most if not all(!) are caused by viral infections is just divorced from reality.

    Mother Nature very kindly provides a cure for every disease known to mankind. We haven't found them all yet..
    And yet you know they exist? Impressive. Can you point to a 'natural' (whatever that means) cure (i.e that makes cancer go away - not some cherry picked data showing reduction in incidence) with proven clinical efficacy, like nasty big pharma has to?

    Like the man said, "Follow the money".
    Indeed, and the entirely unregulated $60 billion supplement industry are beyond fucking reproach, aren't they? Seeing as they don't have to prove a damn thing about anything they supply.