Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fools and their Money

I talk of course about the Iphone...Link here

Of course if you wait another month you can go over to France where it will no doubt be cheaper and completely unlocked and capable of receiving updates from Apple with no problems later on.

Plus my father remarked quite sensibly that it would be an act of complete folly to buy one just now.

Why? Because every mugger, drug addict, rapscallion rascal, pickpocket out there on the street if they see you using one will target you. They are the new must have thing and I'm sure the criminal fraternity is checking out who bought the damn thing to see who they can nick it off.

After all why pay for something that's so easily nicked?

Edit: BBC review here


  1. Best to start giving out your loose change then, if you want to keep overpriced mobile.

  2. Zin I don't intend buying one... Not unless I win the lotto.

  3. So true, but if you wear a wire or a blue tooth no one knows what you have since it's (or should be) in your pocket. In Chicago I have inner pockets with zippers that safely tuck my iPod and phone in zipped "safe i tude"
    A thief would have to decloak me for them. Not an easy task to do on a train.

  4. Decloak conjures up Klingon warfare I can see what you mean about that....

  5. I want an Iphone, but when they have been robbed and are being flogged cheap on ebay or down the star and bucket of vomit.

    But that's probably because I am intense. Or is that over keen?

    I like to see myself as