Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gordon Brown and the Incompetents

Sounds like a pop group, or a band of musicians who can't play very well.

In fact its our government, and the standard of people they employ and the uselessness of our education system.

Two computer discs were posted in the regular mail with no record of posting, no nothing and they went missing. Thing is they contained highly confidential details of all the bank accounts of those who receive child benefit. Now who is to blame?

The person who posted it who has probably done it in a rush. No aforethought of how sensitive the material and not intelligent or educated enough to think , "oh this stuff is important it shouldn't get lost", and without the presence of mind to think I better send this a better way such as recorded delivery or some other such stuff.

Of course someone has got them and thinks they are shiny or worth something or they've been put somewhere and been stolen or taken to be hacked into.

Its not confined to this area of government either and that is what is so wrong with our society and our education.
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The DWP regularly sends back the originals of household bills and driving licences and passports, the statements of your ISAs and your premium bonds, need I go on?, in the second class post after you apply for benefits or anything else a
They don't give a monkeys after they've seen it and sorted your benefit.

No covering letter, no nothing, and it is a miracle that your identity and your stuff doesn't get pilfered by someone.

I've had it happen to me and I was upset and my father pointed out to me that he was upset about how they had sent my stuff back.

Why is the question we should be asking? Why when the government is so fucking concerned about terrorism is it so lax in protecting its own citizens?

I wouldn't trust the government to organise a vertical urination in a brewery ( that's a piss up to you and I).

They have dumbed down the education system through successive governments and created an underclass who can't think through things properly and who are terrible at managing things and then they put up posters for the likes of you and I who are educated and say no abuse or we'll prosecute you.

Well I say you bastards, you fucking bastards why the fuck can't you deal with us properly and why the fuck aren't the standards higher, then you wouldn't even risk the possibility of abuse you ignorant bastards.

Our education system is in meltdown and our infrastructure rapidly crumbling and our governmental offices filled with the lowest ignorant people because they wouldn't get a job anywhere else.

I remember vividly asking my dyslexic rather slow witted and ignorant relative where he worked and he told me that he was working in Lambeth for the civil service, and I thought.. uh oh this isn't right what the fuck is he doing there. Would I trust him to take care of my pension? The answer is no.

The government wants slaves and people who take orders but what it fails to realise is that in order for that system to work you have to have constant supervision by someone who knows what needs to be done and how it should be done, you don't leave them to make their own decisions or there will be chaos.

The government have hidden this from us for 18 months.. they say they were posted 18 months ago.

If it were not so outrageous it would be cause for a general election. How dare they play with us and half the population is affected, and will be affected for years

I'm surprised there aren't demonstrations going on but of course these days you just can't go out and demonstrate you have to tell the police in advance which makes it impossible to just protest when you feel like it and this in what we call a free western democracy.

India has a better democracy because at least there any kind of protest is valid and no one dare break it up for the fear of rioting.

Of course this is just another feature of a dumbed down populace, the inability to even go out there and protest for our rights. Apathy rules ok and the sheeple just baa and get on with eating.
It makes me sick and it is a terrible day.

Over the channel the French strike and protest because their education is better than ours, and this is shown by how many expatriates from Britain live there and get their children into those schools.

It is a sad day because we have been cheated and lied to for years and given bad service and what do we do when we vote? we don't even fucking bother to change the sodding people who cheat us.

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