Thursday, November 8, 2007

OK I lied... here is a post to keep you going

I thought up a post whilst I was commenting on someone elses blog Zinzine if youre interested... wander over.

It was to do with my financial situation and the abject poverty and misery that I now find myself in having not been in work since the end of April.

At one point I considered the antiquated artful life of a pan handler as I had been told by my clients that certain areas of London provided rich pickings.

That and selling the Big Issue for drugs as some clients confided to me

One time I came upon a beggar in London and gave him tuppence and he rejected it...

It was only later when I realised that pan handling can earn enough for your drug fix that I realised he was not a genuine beggar but a drug fucked one... courtesy of course of working with the homeless drug addicts of Westminster for five months.

Of course now I am going to have to panhandle being as the DWP only give me 245 pounds a month as incapacity benefit and my outgoings and lifestyle demand ten times that amount at least.

A good day's panhandling in Knightsbridge once a week and me and my dog should be quids in.

I shall have to do some research for it too. But as I was reliably told by my drug addict clients

You can get upto £200 an hour there

I looked at them and thought mmm Im in the wrong game here.

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  1. I'll see what I can do but quite frankly no one wants a burnt out doctor helping them. I just get rejected for even menial work which is most disconcerting.