Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It could only happen in India

A man who was cursed with a disability after he stoned two dogs to death has married a a female dog.

Link here

Normally you'd expect the bride to be human but in this case his wife really is a bitch.

And his wife is the daughter of a bitch.

Well I suppose it takes all sorts.


  1. If your aiming for misogynist of the month this post will not do. See the comments thread to Unity's post on rape thats proper misogyny.

    I bet this man had to divorce his goat before he could marry the dog.

  2. do they have to - you know, produce?

  3. Well that sstupid woman who married a dolphin is a millionaire... Takes alsorts I guess.

    Dolphins are the only other animal to partake of sex as a fun activity

    Can you imagine them having sex its too funny for words really...