Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who pays the Ferryman?

The flood waters are rising here in South Yorkshire where I am currently and the reservoir that was built in 1874 is threatening to burst.

Honestly you would have thought that since last year they would have built or tried to improve things since we had a hosepipe ban but no.

Private water companies means cost cutting and who suffers? the ordinary people, first a drought and now the flood...

86000 homes in the region lost electricity and the M1 is shut less than five miles from the parents. This is the busiest section of Motorway in the country and even Meadowhall shopping centre ( Meadowhell) is shut due to flooding.

One months rain fell over a couple of days and guess what the flood defences broke hardly surprising but there was no provision for bad weather ; people were taken by surprise.

Just dont buy your house on a flood plain folks.....

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