Thursday, June 7, 2007

Racism in the Big Brother House

Following on from a comment I made on Rachelnorthlondon's blog. Racism exists and if a 19yr old student can mention racist words one does rather wonder where she got it from.

Colour bias doesn't normally rear its ugly head that much but did she not realise that she would be filmed and anything uttered from her mouth would be recorded? She was in the Big Brother House!

Thing is we'll never know how deep it lies with her, She's been kicked out and rightly so. Lets consider for a moment that if she is like this how many other blonde nineteen year old girls and boys ( not that being blonde is anything to go by) hold the same words in their heads and don't use them publically but think that?

It comes back to where divisions lie in society. Pushing through more terror laws is going to polarise society rather than bring it together as it is state sponsored paranoia of the unknown terrorist.

In a sense we have let the terrorists win because our way of life has had to change.

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