Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oh no!

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It seems my blog has become even more tamer the more I write

Well Im going to go and re rate it after the following words get added below

I am going to write on other subjects which have been piling up since I read the Times this morning and then wandered onto it online at about 6.30 pm to find that Glasgow airport had been amateurly attacked with a 4x4 bearing at least one Asian man who set fire to the petrol stained interior just after he crashed it according to the BBC eyewitness accounts

Firstly the cunt who did this is not an Asian man as he lives here in Britain ( or so we would hope) Asian applies to the whole continent of Asia so that could be any nationality from Chinese, Mongolian,Japanese,Burmese,Thai,Iranian, Iraqi or Sri Lankan or Turkestani, or even Uzbekistani right through to Siberian

Its a crap description, and wrongly applies a label to all those born in Asia with the same shit brush

You have to wonder if it was a fucking copycat from the attacks in London.

Now we can go and re rate the blog

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