Friday, February 29, 2008

Seven Good Things Tag

Rachel from North London has tagged me so I must do the necessary

Seven good things

1. Low carb diets that show results in less than three weeks Namely the idiot proof diet by India Knight and Neris Thomas( ps If you get a spike in sales I want commission)
2.Friends who help you out in your hour of need and don't judge you.
3. Lidl because without Lidl ordinary people would never come home with cheap useful quality stuff( and Aldi and Netto to a degree) and yes I want commission if Lidl starts selling out because I need stuff too.
4. Concrete raft foundations for making earthquakes easier to cope with.
5. Omega 3 fish oil in high concentration on prescription
6. Celeriac for being the most versatile vegetable on the bloody planet and being low in carbs to boot
7. The ability to glean wild food from the planet without it costing you a penny.

Right I tag the following people

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