Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Inpatient stays more miserable than the disease

I came across this yesterday and it struck a chord, Having spent 3 weeks in a North London mental hospital myself and having witnessed the intimidation of the patients by the staff, which is why incidentally that the elderly are getting violent with them see here because the elderly come from a different age and will stand up to bullies a lot better than some of the younger generation.

I saw how everyone in my ward was labelled as being "schizophrenic" as a general term of abuse and I thought, hold on a minute arent these the people who are meant to be looking after us? The nurses were belligerent, anxiety provoking and ready to fight with you in order to make it seem that you were violent so that they could use even more drugs to knock you out at night.

All the ward was fast asleep at 3am including the nurses of which there were only three at a time and all of them took their break between 3 and 3.15 am

Why didn't I sleep well?, they'd taken me off my regular pills because they were being stupid and I was not going to take drugs which I knew were bad for me and for my physical health I could have died and no one would have bothered. So after telling my elderly parents that if you dont get me out of here Im just going to escape one night ,having shown them that I had broken the window restraints( not a difficult job) and shown them the sheet rope they got me out of there.

Others were not so lucky, we had one guy who'd been there more than 18 months who had reacted badly to his daughter being murdered and who had lashed out and had been treated for over 18 months with really no real improvement but kept taking the pills because that way he would get a flat provided for him and the psychiatrist would let him out.

So sad and so unnecessary. Another person had leave to go back to his flat and get some clothes and over the three weeks he tried and tried and did the nurses bother Did they hell, they treated him like a child and bullied him

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  1. Sounds every bit as unpleasant as 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'!!