Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rose Gibb

The chief executive of the Kent and Sussex hospital wants more than a £75000 payoff.

I'm beginning to think that these people are not human or have no conscience.

Who the fuck does she think she is?


  1. Some lazy ass, arrogants who think that they're fecal matter is awesome feel that they're so special. It's the "entitlement class" like the "Gen X". These "bullies" as you call them, see the world with blinders. They believe that they can be self absorbed and give half of themself to their employers, do a cock up job and think that should be sufficient. They justify their behaviour by thinking their pay isn't all that, so why should I care. Then when they get sacked, they can't sit back and say, "I sure did suck at my job. Lesson learnt. I'll never make that mistake again". They are blind and clueless. They think they should get away with being negligent. ~ Not many take pride in their jobs. The ethic, "Do it right and do it well or don't bother doing it at all" hardly exists anymore. (Unless one has OCD)