Monday, February 18, 2008

Northern Rock or how Gordon Brown became the first Labour politician to nationalise something for decades

Northern Rock have been nationalised and it hurts, I have my mortgage with them so I'm safe. The investors who bought the shares well they have nothing. Trading was suspended this morning. The new chief financial officer, Ms Godbehere, well it'll take more than God being there to turn that financial white elephant into a cash cow.

Tony Blair must be laughing his insides out, that he left before the going got rotten but then we always knew he would have left a poisoned chalice for Gordon.

Someone remarked to me that Gordon was a parsimonious prat, Nice alliteration and great timing.

Now will someone get rid of this turbulent government and give us peace and prosperity?

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  1. My little boy watched a bit of the news yesterday and asked me why we didn't just put The Goblin King in jail and let Dave The Chameleon take over. I told him this'll happen in a couple of years anyway and he was happy enough with that.