Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Terror detention announcement expected

Jacqui Smith our new Home secretary is about to announce that the terror detention laws are about to be renewed and that the period of detention without trial is going to be 42 days. That's six weeks to you and me.

Personally and politically I find this to be abhorrent and unnecessary.

You don't need six weeks unless you are an incompetent bureacracy laden, lawbreaking Government who cant even register proper donations to your own political party properly.

This is playing on what fear? For Christ's bloody sake even the IRA and internment didn't work in Northern Ireland. Has everyone forgotten so quickly. History will say that you have repeated the same mistakes and caused untold damage to intercultural relations. This is a massive blow for civil liberties.

PS I know I wasn't going to post but this little snippet of fuckwittery by the government came out at 2am this morning.


  1. Totally agreed. This is macho posturing pure and simple. With bonus (from our Big Brother government's point of view) that it stokes up Islamic resentment, thus causing terrorism, thus being a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    We should follow other countries and allow a) 'phone tap evidence in court and b) allow police to continue questioning suspects after they have been charged.

  2. Thank heavens for those new professional historians our government are going to hire to remind them wot happened in the past and not to do it again!

    Bring 'em on!