Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tasers for the Metropolitan Police Force

From Monday 10th December 2007. Announced like all bad news these days at 1 or 2 am in the morning to bury bad news.

This is another fence post as Roger Thornhill would say

We are rapidly becoming a police state worse than Australia, and New Zealand.

What next? Axes in bundles of wood carried by guards when public figures are out on display? (by the way thats a historical reference)

In Roman times when the patricians (thats the rich people) went out on procession there would be guards with bundles of wood with axes in them to mow down the opposition, or to deliver a swift beheading if there was opposition.

These bundles were called fasces, and this is where we get the term fascist from

I never thought I would see another fascist state in my lifetime but I know from having been arrested (yes I have been there too) that had there been tasers when I got arrested that I would now be dead because of the medication I take.

This is wrong, morally, another nail in the coffin for civil liberties and a total out and out assault on our way of life to keep us in fear so we can be controlled more easily by the government.

You all need to write to your MP and get them to pass a bill making Tasers illegal in Britain. After all your sons or your daughters or any other relative could be the next one to die.

Is that what you want? You have a choice I suggest you use the vote that we have and get better representatives the next time a general election comes round because if your current MP does not campaign for the tasers to be removed they are tacitly approving them.

Do people have to die before these things are removed?


  1. I should add that the Tasers are being given to ordinary police officers not firearms trained ones

  2. I understand the axes but why the bundles of wood? To hide the axes?