Monday, December 24, 2007

All I want for Christmas

Well I suppose I had to mention that, plus Mariah Carey, it simply wouldn't really be Christmas without a few tunes from the Devil.

Anyway here we are on Christmas Eve anxiously awaiting the 2007th rebirth of Christ, in a manger and whats going on in the UK, politically and medically and just by the by stuff.

A quick scan on the papers today shows that Portuguese police are trying to find a blue gym bag which used to carry tennis stuff for Gerry McCann which disappeared at the same time as Maddie.

There have been massive personal data losses from the NHS, from 11 trusts (makes you wonder why the name Trust is used!)

The fog last night screwed up many a flightplan for those trying to escape Britain for warmer or colder climes for Christmas.

Petrol prices well the protests were rather small, why does no one bother is everyone being apathetic again? but more protests are planned for the New Year.

I have also heard that other people have had terrible times this year and I blame it on the year of the Fire Pig... Yes that old chestnut of I ching and the four pillars.

and now just to lighten the mood a bit of Mariah Carey. Look out for the 3 fat ladies!

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