Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Tag

Sorry about the tardiness but I figured it wouldnt be right to do it until Christmas morning so here goes having been tagged by the Poet Laura-eate

When People Say 'Christmas' You Immediately Think

O for fucks sake why do the shops start thinking about it in September? Merryhill is a consistent offender.

Favourite Christmas Memory

1978 listening to Mary's boy Child by Boney M and the house decked out for Christmas, the full works, nice presents everything traditionally done and getting premium bonds attached to the tree with my name on them.

They aren't made like that anymore.

Favourite Christmas Song

Here I have to agree with Laura Mariah Carey it is.

Favourite Christmas Movie

Sound of Music (I saw that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was on yesterday and avoided it)

Sound of Music is a classic but CCBB does get a bit cloyingly sweet on the umpteenth viewing

Favourite Christmas Character

The Ghost of Christmas Past. Nuff said

Favourite Christmas Object

If I could manage a real tree about 10 foot high then I would have one. The smell alone is worth it.

Plans for Christmas

I never plan for Christmas.

Not these days anyway

Is Christmas your favourite Holiday?

No in fact one of the best Christmases I had was when I worked. It was simply so peaceful and easy.

To all a Merry Christmas

And no I don't think you are strange by being on the net to read this today.

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