Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gordon has a secret plan to Join the EURO

From PJC journal
Whitehall departments are spending time and taxpayers’ money updating their plans for the switch and each one has a named minister in charge of the process, it emerged in the Express today.

Detailed talks have taken place in departments about what they would have to do if Britain joined.

They include explaining to the public how the move would affect their council tax and business-rate bills and how the BBC would pay for the £10 million cost of changing the TV licence fee to Euros.

The disclosures come just months after European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso claimed Britain was “closer than ever” to joining the Euro.

Shadow Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said:

“The public will be alarmed that Government departments are spending time and money on preparing to scrap the pound.

“It now appears that Gordon Brown and Lord Mandelson have a secret Whitehall agenda to exploit their appalling mismanagement of the public finances and use it as an excuse to join the Euro.
“Time and resources better spent on improving local public services are now being spent on preparing to issue council tax bills and TV licences in the new currency.

Libertarian Party leader Ian Parker-Joseph said:

"The need for a huge change of direction in order to facilitate recovery in the UK from a debt based economy to one based upon sound financial grounding means that the very idea of joining a monetary system that would be outside of our control is unthinkable".

“When President Barroso said ‘the people who matter in Britain are currently thinking about’ joining the Euro, he certainly wasn’t talking about the British people. He was talking about Gordon Brown and his team of ‘Euro ministers’.”

Today, a ComRes survey for the TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals that just 28 per cent of the public think Britain should join the Euro, with 68 per cent opposing the move.
The Communities and Local Government Department’s plan spells out the need to prepare for council tax and business rate bills to be issued in the new currency.

Remember that it was a Tory MEP who stated in the EU Parliament that he could not wait for the Conservatives to win power in the UK so that the Euro could be implemented.

If you continue to VOTE THE SAME, you will continue to GET THE SAME

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