Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Open Letter to Kerry McCarthy MP Labour for Bristol East

Do as you would be done by Kerry

If you have cheated, lied and been nasty in any way shape or form, and not been transparent or have tried to say one thing when another is patently clear then Im afraid what comes around goes around

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction Its the basic law of the universe.

This Labour government has put through more than 3000 new laws

Most of us dont even know what they are and we fall foul of them because our representatives at Parliament dont bother telling us why wherefore and the reasons behind it. Our politicians dont speak the truth, they dont explain and help us the public who voted them in

I am a psychiatrist, If you think you can be nasty to someone and they will still respect your privacy and your rights you are quite frankly deluded.

If you have pissed someone off or not listened to them, and you cannot be considerate and give them the time of day to be listened to and acted upon and you act in a very different way to your speeches and what you have actually said to someone well you know the old saying you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the time.

I dont know you I have never read this blog before and I as such do not know what you have done to elicit such oppobrium but believe me. You only get poison if you give it out.

Yes I admit to being human and I admit to failings and I have made mistakes, Im fully prepared to admit them Im standing for parliament because I am sick to the back teeth of not being informed by my MP, about important EU laws that are passed without even making the mainstream media and that affect our lives in such a way as to render us very upset.

We think why has someone done this without asking us if we wanted it Why are we living in a so called democratic state?

You should take a good hard long look and see where you have lied and cheated and misrepresented things in order to avoid any kind of tongue lashing, because that is your checks and balances,

You cannot get away with things if you are in the public eye.

Not unless you exclude the outside world

You know Ive known for some time that all phone calls are tapped

I always say Hello GCHQ if I am dealing with sensitive subjects on the phone because I know the call has been logged.

You dont seem to get it do you?

Put all the things that if you were a moral person with upstanding principles and mores you could not do and see how much you actually have done and then see why you are being subjected to such rage and anger.

You have quite frankly brought it upon yourself I know that you will not publish this so I will copy and paste it as an open letter to you on my blog

You need to gain insight in to how you have been operating

Have you broken the law
Have you broken the moral code of a high society english gentleman

HAve you been improprietous have you cursed at people have you disregarded your constituents feelings because the party whip told you that if you didnt you would lose your seat the next time the election came round?

Think about it You seem to think that we should be conscientious to you well its a two way street and you cant shovel shit over people for too long

You know what I do I never claim for petrol when I work somewhere

Im being paid so much I think why bother Im not petty and greedy

See how many of the seven deadly sins you have committed and then think Could you actually have done this without anyone finding out about it?

You seem to think that because you're an MP you can get away with it. Well no you are answerable to your constituents.

They are the ones who voted you in to employment in the first place It is their unquestionable right to sack you and to ramonstrate about your behaviour as their representative.

Never forget that you are where you are because someone put a cross next to your name and put it in a secret ballot box.

You have to prove your worth If you cant handle the heat then for god sakes resign and have a by-election called, and apologise and recover what dignity you might have left.

Here endeth the lesson


  1. Well said Mr North.....

    I think her blog page speaks volumes..."As Monica says in Friends, "rules are good, rules help control the fun!"

    she quotes and finds direction from an American sitcom ....worrying.

    Then follows up like a spoilt child, that will only let those that adore her play with her ball!! "I reserve the right to create new rules as and when I feel like it. My blog = my rules!"

    Not the kind of control I want or expect from an MP in such a developed country.....more something fitting to a totalitarian such as Mugabe..

    She'll work out the math soon enough. You can't make up rules as you go....that's called cheating..

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